Top 10 F1 drivers successful in other motorsport categories

During the long history of Formula 1, there have been several drivers who have established themselves as legends and will forever be remembered in the F1 folklore, but alongwith them there have also been those drivers who built up a successful career in other disciplines of motorsport too, there is certainly a different kind of respect for these drivers than their counterparts.
In light of the above, here is a top 10 list covering those F1 drivers who had a successful F1 career, but in addition to that, they also went on to garner success in other categories of motorsport.


For this list, only those Formula 1 drivers have been considered who have competed in at least three full seasons and have at least secured a victory in the sport.
Motorsport events like LeMans, MotoGP and Indy 500 have been given greater importance than others like NASCAR, Tasman series cup, World Sportscar Championship, etc.
The Formula 1 career of the drivers has also been taken under consideration. Those who had a successful and consistent formula 1 career and also garnered success in other Motorsport categories have been preferred over others in the ranking order.
For those unfamiliar with the different Championship series’ and races to be mentioned in the list, below is a brief insight into what they are all about.

24 Hours of Le Mans – the race, taking place across 24 hours, is one of the most prestigious Sportscar/Endurance races in the world which has been organized every year at Circuit de la Sarthe, France since 1923.
Indianapolis 500 – an open wheel race taking place around an oval circuit at Indianapolis, California. It has been organized every year since 1914. Alongwith Monaco Grand Prix and 24 Hours of Le Mans it forms the triple crown of motorsport, these three races are considered to be the epitome of racing and is the biggest achievement a driver can get in his career.
CART – an open wheel racing Championship based in the USA, was the prominent racing Championship in the USA since its inception in 1979 and continued to be so until its merger with IndyCar in 2008.
IndyCar Series – beginning in 1996, the series serves as the highest level of open-wheel racing in the USA, especially now, after its merger with CART.
MotoGP – it is the highest class of motorcycle racing, whose winner each year is awarded the title of World Champion, just as in Formula One.

#10 Phil Hill


The American, although driving principally in F1, also made a name for himself in endurance racing. After impressive performances in Sportscar races in the USA, he was signed up by Ferrari in 1956. With them, he found success in both F1 and other motorsport categories.


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